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Broadcover Insurance Agency was registered under The Registration of Business Names Act 499 laws of Kenya in the year 2004 under Certificate No.265623 and operated as an Agency upto year 2013 and converted into an Insurance Broker in Year 2014 under certificate of Registration No.CPR/2014/147871 .

As a professional insurance Broker, we offer specialized services in general insurance (ie property both commercial and residential, employees insurances such as WIBA, group/personal benefit programs, health/medical and accident, retirement financial services and insurance consultancy at individual, family and corporate levels various levels of need and complexity

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Our market has over 42 Insurance companies and for most clients individual or corporate they have very little knowledge of the insurance business leave alone about their existence.

Our role therefore becomes handy in the selection of Insurers by, matching their qualities to your needs in terms of technical complexity, financial stability claims service etc. Our role while making a recommendation must pay attention and make a balanced view of an insurer’s different qualities. It is therefore imperative for us to deal with a relatively wide spread of the market so that we can make a reasonable assessment of the Insurers

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